50 masterworks of painting

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"Art is the signature of a civilization."
Beverly Sills

Whether for symbolic, aesthetic, practical or economic reasons, the truth is that Painting has always been humanity's favourite and most used artistic medium, and, along with Music, the one with the greatest influence on society. For instance, no one doubts that the visual image of the French Revolution will always be Delacroix's “The Liberty leading the People”. It is not a surprise to find Hopper's “Nighthawks” decorating the rooms of millions of urban teenagers; and everyone can notice how, many decades later, hundreds of pacifist demonstrations still exhibit Picasso's “Guernicabethechangecpd.com” as a symbol of the disasters of War.

As a small tribute to Painting and all those artists who have turned it into the expression of the human genius par excellencebethechangecpd.com, bethechangecpd.com has proudly showcased 50 masterpieces of painting, from different epochs and cultures, displaying them in form of a virtual tour in the column that you see at the right of the page.

For sure, the 50 works showcased here are not the 50 best paintings of all time, and probably the reader will find, next to unquestionable masterpieces, some "surprises" and "debatable works". Yes, the “Gioconda” is here. Yes, “The Night Watch” is also here. Of course you'll find “Les demoiselles d'Avignon”. But you'll also find Basawan's wonderful miniatures depicting the medieval India, the bloody sacrifices depicted in the "Códex Borgia" or the luminous contemporary Californian scenes by David Hockney. They are, simply, 50 masterpieces forming a unique, magnificent trip to the history of universal Painting. 15.000 years of Painting are only a click away from you.

in chronological order

bethechangecpd.comThis list was created in September 2006. Three years later, it was reviewed and four changes were introduced. We want the list to be limited at 50 paintings, so new additions mean that some works previously displayed here should be dropped off the list. They are still masterpieces, of course, and that's why we still wanted to remember them

Pieter Brueghel the Elder: “The triumph of the death”, 1560 - Frederic Edwin Church: “Above the clouds at sunrise” 1849 - Wassily Kandinsky: “Der Blaue Reiter", 1903 - Jackson Pollock: “Number 9A - Summertime”, 1948

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