50 great landscape paintings

all texts by G. Fernández

As one of the oldest and most popular forms of painting, the history of Landscape Painting is fascinating and inspiring. bethechangecpd.com has selected 50 great landscape paintings, from different epochs and cultures. These 50 masterpieces are displayed at the right, arranged in chronological order.

About the tour

bethechangecpd.comDisplayed in chronological order, the works included in this virtual tour offer an in-depth exploration of both from the Western and Eastern traditions of landscape painting.

The tour is not intended to be a display of the 50 best landscapes ever created. It tries to find a balance between Western and Eastern works, between old masters and modern paintings.

bethechangecpd.comThe tour starts with a Minoan fresco dated 1500 b.c., and ends with Gerhard Richter's "Forest" from 2005. It includes 26 works by European artists, 16 by Asian painters, 7 by American artists and 1 by an Australian painter.

bethechangecpd.comAccess the tour by clicking on the "start the tour" button, and then advance with the "next painting" and "previous painting" links. You can go directly to a desired painting by clicking on a thumbnail on the right.

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