Although bethechangecpd.com is focused primarily on visual art artists (showcased at our artists section), we often open our heart to artists of other "disciplines", including

Architects and designers
Cinema and audiovisual artists
Musicians, composers and other audiovisual artists


bethechangecpd.comThe Architecture world seen by bethechangecpd.com. Here you can find retrospectives of legends like Andrea Palladio, or modern masters like Herzog & de Meuron

Gaudí, Antoni (1852-1926) - Catalonian modernist architect
Barcelona and modernity: Gaudí to Dalí at the Metropolitan Museum (2007)

Gehry, Frank (1929-) - Canadian architect
Tuyomyo by Frank Gehry (2009)

Haussmann,G. Eugene (1809-1891) - French urbanist
Paris landscapes: impressionism urban landscapes 1860-1900

Herzog & De Meuron (1950-) - Swiss architects
Herzog & de Meuron win the Royal Gold Medal for architecture (2006)
Herzog & de Meuron receive the Royal Gold Medal for architecture (2007)

Mendes da Rocha, Paulo (1928-) - Brazilian architect
Mendes da Rocha - The New Pritzker Prize winner (2006)

Palladio, Andrea (1508-1580) - Italian Rennaisance architect
Andrea Palladio at the Royal Academy of Arts (2008)


bethechangecpd.comWe focused not only in famous directors like Fitz Lang or Dario Argento, but also in the latest experiments of artists such as Roman Signer or Douglas Gordon.

Argento, Dario (1940-) - Italian director
Dario Argento - biography

Dreyer, Carl Theodor (1889-1968) - Danish director
Dreyer and Hammershoi - exhibition at the CCCB

Gordon, Douglas (1966-) - Scottish contemporary artist
What you want me to say... Retrospective, Miró Fundation

Murnau, Friedrich (1888-1931) - German director
From Caligari to Metropolis: German expressionism cinema

Pasolini, Pier Paolo (1922-1975) - Italian director
Salo - the 120 days of Sodom (Biennale de Venezia 2006)

Signer, Roman (1938-) - Swiss contemporary audiovisual artist
Roman Signer - Exhibition at the CGAC (2005/2006)

Waters, John (1946-) - American contemporary director
Rear Projection: John Waters at Gagosian Gallery (2009)


Including retrospectives of famous musicians like Neil Young, Bob Dylan or The Pixies and the collaborations of other artists, such as Mike Kelley or Luke Fowler.

Dylan, Bob (b.1941) - American folk and rock musician
'Christmas in the heart' - a gift by Bob Dylan (2009)

Bowie, David (b.1947) - British pop and rock musician
A Reality Tour: David Bowie studio album (2009)

Doors, The (1965-1973) - American rock band
The Lasting Legacy of the Doors at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Fowler, Luke (b.1978) - British musician and artist
Luke Fowler at the Serpentine Gallery

Kelley, Mike (b.1954) - American contemporary artist
Mike Kelley - biography

Liszt, Franz (1811-1886) - Hungarian composer and musician
Lizt in Paris - exhibition at the Morgan Library and Museum

Nirvana (1987-1994) - American grunge band
Nirvana at Reading, 1992 - a legendary concert released (2009)

Orbison, Roy (1936-1988) - American composer and musician
Roy Orbison in Cleveland (the Cleveland Rock Museum)

Pixies (1985-1993, 2004-) - American post-punk band
The return of the Pixies (released July 2006)

Rolling Stones, The (1962-) - American rock band
Jump back: the best of the Rolling Stones (2009)

Young, Neil (1945-) - Canadian composer and musician
The Rust and the glory - a Neil Young biography
Neil Young's prairie wind reviewed

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Herzog & de Meuron
Jacquez Herzog & Pierre de Meuron
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2005)

Dario Argento
Dario Argento
Suspiria (1977)

Murnau - haunted castle
Friedrich Murnau
Haunted Castle, 1921

Live in Kansas, 2004

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