bethechangecpd.comAlmost all the important names in this highly important period for Art history are included in this page, from the early European Renaissance of Giotto di Bondone or Jan van Eyck to the romantic landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich or Joseph Mallord William Turner. Please check this page regularly as we add new artists quite often.

AIVAZOVSKY, IVAN (1817-1900) Russian landscape painter
Ivan Aivazovsky - The Ninth wave

ARCIMBOLDO, GIUSEPPE (1527-1593) Italian Renaissance painter
Giuseppe Arcimboldo - biography

BAROCCI, FEDERICO (1535-1612) Italian Renaissance painter
Federico Barocci at the Saint Louis Art Museum (2012)

BERNINI, GIAN LORENZO (1598-1680) Italian baroque sculptor
Portrait Busts by Bernini at the Getty (2008)
Bernini’s terracotta models at the Metropolitan (2012)

BLAKE, WILLIAM (1757-1827) British artist
The River of Life - William Blake at the Tate Liverpool (2008)
'A new heaven is begun' - William Blake at the Morgan Museum (2009)

BOSCH, HYERONIMUS (c.1450-1516) Flemish Renaissance painter
"The garden of delights" - 50 masterworks of painting

BRUEGHEL, PIETER (c.1526/30 - 1569) Flemish Renaissance painter
"The triumph of the death" - 50 masterworks of painting

CHURCH, FREDERIC EDWIN (1826-1900) American romantic painter
Frederic Edwin Church’s Maine landscapes in Portland (2012)
Frederic Church and the Landscape Oil Sketch (2013)

COURBET, GUSTAVE (1819-1877) French realistic painter
Gustave Courbet: from Paris to New York

CRANACH, LUCAS the Elder (1472-1553) German painter
Lucas Cranach the elder at the Royal Academy

DAUMIER, HONORÉ (1808-1879) French realist painter
Honoré Daumier and the Caricature, Cantor Arts Center (2012)

DELACROIX, EUGÈNE (1798-1863) French romantic painter
"Liberty leading the people" - 50 masterworks of painting
Eugène Delacroix at CaixaForum Madrid (2011)

DURER, ALBRECHT (1471-1528) German Renaissance painter
"View of Arco" - 50 masterworks of painting
Albrecht Dürer: self-portrait - 10 great self-portraits

FRANCESCA, PIERO DELLA (c.1415-1492) Italian painter
"The dream of Constantine" - 50 masterworks of painting

FRIEDRICH, CASPAR DAVID (1774-1840) German romantic painter
"Chalk cliffs at Rügen" - 50 masterworks of painting
Friedrich at the Nationalmuseum, Sweden (2009)

GIORGIONE (c.1478-1510) Italian Renaissance painter
"The tempest " - 50 masterworks of painting

GIOTTO DI BONDONE (1266-1337) Italian Renaissance painter
Giotto di Bondone - biography

GOYA, FRANCISCO DE (1746-1828) Spanish painter and engraver
Dark Goya - a virtual tour on Goya's Black paintings
Goya - Lights and Shadows, at CaixaForum Barcelona (2012)
Goya’s 'Disasters of War' at the Georgia Museum of Art (2012)

GRECO, EL (1541-1614) Greek/Spanish Renaissance painter
El Greco and Modernism - Kunstpalast, Düsseldorf (2012)

HALS, FRANS (c.1582-1666) Dutch Baroque painter
Frans Hals’s brave brushwork at the Metropolitan (2011)

HUI, WANG (1632-1717) Chinese painter
Landscapes Clear and Radiant: The Art of Wang Hui at the Metropolitan (2008)

INGRES, JEAN AUGUSTE DOMINIQUE (1780-1867) French Neoclassical painter
Drawings by Ingres at the Morgan Library and Museum (2011)

KUINDZHI, ARKHIP (1842-1910) Russian landscape painter
Arkhip Kuindzi: "Dnepr in the morning"

LEONARDO DA VINCI (1452-1519) Italian Renaissance painter
Searching the real da Vinci code: a complete analysis
Leonardo da Vinci: self-portrait - 10 great self-portraits
Landmark exhibition of Leonardo opens in London (2011)

LEVITAN, ISAAC (1861-1900) Russian landscape painter
Arkhip Kuindzi: "Lake"

LEYSTER, JUDITH (1609-1660) Dutch Baroque painter
Judith Leyster at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

LIEVENS, JAN (1607-1674) Dutch baroque painter
Lievens - a Dutch master rediscovered at the NGA (2008)

LOMBARDO, TULLIO (1460-1532) Italian Baroque sculptor
Tulio Lombardo at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

MELÉNDEZ, LUIS (1715-1780) Spanish Baroque painter
Luis Meléndez at the National Gallery of Washington (2009)

MICHELANGELO (1475-1564) Italian Renaissance artist
"The last judgement" -50 masterworks of painting
Michelangelo's "The young archer" at the Metropolitan Museum

MURILLO, BARTOLOMÉ ESTEBAN (1617-1682) Spanish baroque painter
Murillo and the Art of Friendship - Prado Museum

POUSSIN, NICOLAS (1594-1665) French baroque painter
Poussin and Nature: Arcadian landscapes - at the Metropolitan

RAPHAEL SANTI (1483-1520) Italian Renaissance painter
"Portrait of a cardinal" - 50 masterworks of painting
Late Raphael at the Prado Museum (2012)

REMBRANDT VAN RIJN (1606-1669) Dutch baroque painter
"The night watch" - 50 masterworks of painting
Rembrandt: self-portrait - 10 great self-portraits
"Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus" in Philadelphia (2012)

SANDBY, PAUL (1731-1809) British landscape painter
'Picturing Britain': Paul Sandby at the National Gallery of Scotland

SAVRASOV, ALEXEI (1830-1897) Russian landscape painter
Alexei Savrasow: "The rooks have returned"

SHISHKIN, IVAN (1832-1898) Russian landscape painter
Ivan Shishkin: "Morning in a pine forest"

TITIAN (1485-1576) Italian Renaissance painter
The Triumph of Love: Titian at the National Gallery of London (2009)
Titian's 'Diana and Actaeon' at the National Gallery of London (2009)

TURNER, J.M. WILLIAM (1775-1851) British romantic painter
Joseph Mallord William Turner - master of atmospheres
Turner retrospective at the Metropolitan (2008)
Turner watercolours at the National Galleries of Scotland (2012)
NGA presents 'Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude' (2012)
Turner from the Tate – The Making of a Master (2013)

UCCELLO, PAOLO (1397-1475) Italian Renaissance painter
"The battle of San Romano" - 50 masterworks of painting

VAN DYCK, ANTHONY (1599-1641) Flemish Baroque painter
Museo del Prado presents 'The Young Van Dyck' (2012)

VAN EYCK, JAN (c.1390-1441) Dutch Renaissance painter
"The marriage Arnolfini" - 50 masterworks of painting

VASILYEV, FYODOR (1850-1873) Russian landscape painter
Fyodor Vasilyev: "Wet meadow"

VELÁZQUEZ, DIEGO DE (1599-1660) Spanish baroque painter
"Las Meninas" - 50 masterworks of painting

JAN VERMEER (1632-1675) Dutch baroque painter
"View of the Delft" - 50 masterworks of painting

WATTEAU, JEAN ANTOINE (1684-1721) French baroque painter
Watteau: Music and Theater at the Metropolitan Museum (2009)


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Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Frederic Edwin Church
Frederic Edwin Church

Giotto di Bondone
Giotto di Bondone
Kiss of Judas

Nicolas Poussin
Nicolas Poussin
Blind Orion searching for the Rising Sun

Rembrandt van Rijn
Rembrandt van Rijn

Joseph Mallord William Turner
Joseph Mallord William Turner
Ulysses deriding Polyphemus

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