A review of the contemporary Art world, from the second half of the 20th century to the talents of nowadays. Some of the world's most important artists are displayed here, from abstract expressionist masters like Pollock or de Kooning to the latest works by Damien Hirst or Jasper Johns. Please check this page regularly as we add new artists quite often. If you observe any error or omission, please contact us

ALBERS, JOSEF (1888-1976) German/American contemporary painter
Josef Albers in America: Painting on Paper - Morgan Library & Museum (2012)

APPEL, KAREL (1921-2006) Dutch contemporary painter
Karel Appel - biography

AUERBACH, FRANK (1931-) British contemporary painter
'London Building Sites': Frank Auerbach at the Courtauld Gallery

BACON, FRANCIS (1909-1992) Irish contemporary painter
Francis Bacon: self-portrait
Francis Bacon at the Tate Britain (2008)
Francis Bacon's provocative works at the Metropolitan Museum (2008)

BASELITZ, GEORG (1918-) German contemporary painter
Baselitz at the Royal Academy of Arts (2007)
Baselitz at the Gagosian Gallery (2008)
Gagosian Gallery presents new works by Georg Baselitz (2012)

BASQUIAT, JEAN-MICHEL (1960-1988) American painter
Jean Michel Basquiat - biography
Jean-Michelle Basquiat: self-portrait

BRECHT, GEORGE (1926) American contemporary artist
George Brecht - Events: Retrospective in the MACBA (2006)

CALDER, ALEXANDER (1898-1976) - American contemporary artist
Alexander Calder at the Gagosian Gallery (2009)

DE MARIA, WALTER (1935) American contemporary artist
De Maria exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery (2007)
Walter De Maria: the 5-7-9 Series at Gagosian Gallery (2012)

DIEBENKORN, RICHARD (1922-1993) - American artist
Diebenkorn - exhibition at Cantor Arts Center (2008)

ENDERS, ELIZABETH (1939-) - American artist
Elizabet Enders at Lyman Allyn Art Museum (2009)

FISCHER, URS (1973-) Swiss contemporary artist
Urs Fischer - Tables, Heads, and Arms (2012)

FLAVIN, DAN (1933-1996) American contemporary artist
Dan Flavin: Drawing, at the Morgan Library & Museum (2012)

FONTANA, LUCIO (1899-1968) Argentinean-Italian artist
Lucio Fontana at the Guggenheim Museum (2006)

FRANK, ROBERT (1924-) American contemporary artist
"The Americans" at the NGA (2009)

FREUD, LUCIAN (1922-2011) British contemporary artist
Lucian Freud's etchings at the Courtauld Gallery (2012)

FRIEDMAN, TOM (1965-) American contemporary artist
"Monsters and stuff" - Tom Friedman at the Gagosian Gallery (2008)

GORDON, DOUGLAS (1966-) Scottish Contemporary artist
What you want me to say... Exhibition Miró Fundation (2006)

GUSTON, PHILIP (1913-1980) American contemporary artist
Philip Guston: drawings - at the Morgan Library, New York (2008)

HIRST, DAMIEN (1965-) British Contemporary artist
Damien Hist: corpus: drawings - at the Gagosian Gallery (2006)
Damien Hirst great retrospective at Tate Modern (2012)

HOCKNEY, DAVID (1937-) British contemporary artist
"A bigger splash" - 50 masterworks of painting, number 50
David Hockney: A Bigger Picture - Guggenheim Bilbao (2012)

HÖLLER, CARSTEN (1961-) German contemporary artist
Test Site - Carsten Höller installation at the Tate Modern
Carsten Höller at the Gagosian Gallery (2009)

JOHNS, JASPER (1930-) American contemporary artist
Jasper Johns: an allegory of painting at the National Gallery (2007)
Jasper Johns: Gray - exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum (2008)
Editions with Additions: Johns at the National Gallery (2009)
Jasper Johns: Seeing with the Mind's Eye - SFMOMA (2012)

JUDD, DONALD (1928-1994) American contemporary artist
Donald Judd - Working Papers - Sprüth Magers London (2012)

KAHLO, FRIDA (1907-1954) Mexican contemporary painter
Frida Kahlo: The broken column - theartwolf's 10 great self-portraits

KELLEY, MIKE (1954-) American contemporary artist
Mike Kelley - biography

KOONING, WILLEM DE (1904-1998) Dutch / American painter
"Woman I" - from theArtWolf's 50 masterworks of painting
Major retrospective of Willem de Kooning at the MoMA (2011)

KOONS, JEFF (1955-) American Contemporary artist
Sculptures by Jeff Koons at the Metropolitan (2008)
Jeff Koons at the Schirn Kunsthalle (2012)

KUSAMA, YAYOI (1928-) Japanese Contemporary artist
Yayoi Kusama at the Gagosian Gallery (2009)
Yayoi Kusama - Retrospective at the Whitney Museum (2012)

LICHTENSTEIN, ROY (1923-1997) American contemporary artist
Girls: exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery (2008)
Roy Lichtenstein: a Retrospective - NGA Washington (2012)

MESSAGER, ANNETTE (1943-) French contemporary artist
Messengers: exhibition at the Mori Museum of Art (2008)

MILLARES, MANOLO (1926-1972) Spanish contemporary painter
The destruction and the Love - exhibition (2006)

MISRACH, RICHARD (1949-) American contemporary painter
Richard Misrach at the National Gallery of Art (2008)

MOHOLY-NAGY, LÁSZLÓ (1895-1946) Hunagrian modern painter
Moholy-Nagy at the Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2009)

MOORE, HENRI (1898-1986) British modern sculptor
Henry Moore - retrospective in Barcelona
Henry Moore: Late Large Forms - Gagosian Gallery (2012)

MURAKAMI, TAKASHI (1949-) Japanese contemporary artist
Murakami at the Gagosian Gallery (2009)
Takashi Murakami's recent work at Gagosian Gallery (2011)

OLDENBURG, CLAES (1929) Swedish contemporary artist
Claes Oldenburg / Coosje van Bruggen at Pace Gallery (2012)
Claes Oldenburg: the sixties/ Guggenheim Bilbao (2012)

PISTOLETTO, MICHELANGELO (1933-) Italian contemporary artist
Michelangelo Pistoletto at the Serpentine Gallery (2011)

POLLOCK, JACKSON (1912-1956) American painter
"Number 9 A - Summertime" - 50 masterworks of painting

PRINCE, RICHARD (1949-) American contemporary artist
Richard Prince: exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery (2008)

RICHTER, DANIEL (1962-) German contemporary artist
Daniel Richter at the Denver Art Museum (2008)

RICHTER, GERHARD (1932-) German contemporary artist
4900 colors: Gerhard Richter at the Serpentine Gallery (2008)
'Panorama': Gerhard Richter at the Centre Pompidou (2012)

SALCEDO, DORIS (1958-) Colombian Contemporary artist
Doris Salcedo's Shibboleth at the Tate Gallery (2007)

SERRA, RICHARD (1939-) American Contemporary artist
Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery (2008)

SHERMAN, CINDY (1954-) American Contemporary artist
MoMA presents retrospective of Cindy Sherman (2012)

SIGNER, ROMAN (1938-) Swiss Contemporary artist
Roman Signer - exhibition at the CGAC (2005/2006)

TWOMBLY, CY (1928-2011) American Contemporary artist
"Sensations of the moment": Twombly at the Moderner Kunst, Austria (2009)
"The Rose" exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery (2009)
Cy Twombly at Gagosian Gallery (2012)

UFAN, LEE (1936-) Korean Contemporary artist
Franz West at the Lisson Gallery (2008 press release)

VENET, BERNARD (1941-) French Contemporary artist
Bernard Venet at Isleworth (2008 press release)

WEIWEI, AI (1947-) Chinese Contemporary artist
'According to what?' - Ai Weiwei at the Mori Art Museum (2009)
Ai Weiwei’s 'Zodiac Heads' at the LACMA (2011)
Ai Weiwei: Art / Architecture at the Kunsthaus Bregenz (2011)

WEST, FRANZ (1947-) Austrian Contemporary artist
Franz West at the Gagosian Gallery (2008 press release)

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Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon
Self portrait kissing with scopolmine

Douglas Gordon
Richard Serra
Torqued Elipses

Anish Kapoor
Anish Kapoor
© 2010 Anish Kapoor
Courtesy of the Artist and Lisson Gallery

Manolo Millares
Manolo Millares
Cuadro 92, 1961

Carsten Höller
Carsten Höller
Test Site

Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei
Moon Chest, 2008
Photo: Markus Tretter
© Ai Weiwei, Kunsthaus Bregenz

Gerhard Richter
Gerhard Richter
Bougie [Kerze], 1982
© Gerhard Richter, 2012

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