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Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art
A review of the contemporary Art world, from the second half of the 20th century to the talents of nowadays. From Pollock or de Kooning to Damien Hirst or Jasper Johns. - see artists

Impressionist and modern Art

Impressionist and modern Art
From French impressionism and 19th century American Painting to German expressionism and the vanguards of the early 20th century - see artists

Old masters and early 19th century Art

Old masters and early 19th century Art
Almost all the important names in this highly important period for Art history are included here, from early Renaissance to the romantic landscapes of Friedrich or Turner - see artists

Artists others

Other artists
Cinema directors like Fitz Lang or Dario Argento, musicians like Neil Young or Bob Dylan, and retrospectives of the most famous architects, from Palladio to Herzog & de Meuron - see artists

Old Portfolios
A free portfolio for any artist. Service not longer available. See our new portfolios at the top of this page! - see portfolios

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