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Visual Arts
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Summer ArtSUMMER ART - Our personal tribute to summer solstice: 10 works of art that, in one way or another, convey the essence of summer. Edward Hopper, Andreas Gursky, R.E.M., Eddie Cochran, Joaquín Sorolla... Enjoy them.... read more

50 great landscape paintings50 GREAT LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS - As one of the oldest and most popular forms of painting, the history of Landscape Painting is fascinating and inspiring. has selected 50 great landscapes... read more

the history of cityscapesPAINTING THE CITY: THE HISTORY OF CITYSCAPES - The history of cityscape painting, from Lorenzetti to Estes, from the antiquity to the twenty-first century. Any modern or contemporary art lover will recognize that... - read more

101 greatest painters101 GREATEST PAINTERS - A "who is who" of the history of painting. This list is only intended as a tribute to the painting and the names that have turned it into an unforgettable Art. From the early artists... read more

PICASSO IN A CORUÑAPICASSO IN A CORUÑA - THE EARLY YEARS - Exploring the less known period - but also one of the most important - in the life of the most important artist of the twentieth century: Pablo Picasso's stay... - read more

THE IMPRESSIONISM SEEN THROUGH 50 PAINTINGSTHE IMPRESSIONISM SEEN THROUGH 50 PAINTINGS - No artistic period has been as commented or discussed as the Impressionism. But, as an image is worth a thousand words, theartwolf has showcased 50 paintings ... - read more

Monet and the seaMONET AND THE SEA - THE SEASCAPES OF CLAUDE MONET - The artistic oeuvre of the Impressionist painter par excellence, Claude Monet, seen through his seascapes. A fascinating virtual tour of the relationship between the... - read more

Top 10 private art collectionsPRIVATE TREASURES - TOP 10 PRIVATE ART COLLECTIONS - Not all the Art masterworks are exhibited in the great museums of the world. Some of them belong to private Art collectors. theartwolf has created a top 10 ... - read more

Russian landscape painting19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN LANDSCAPE PAINTING - The Russian landscape remains quite unknown in Western Europe and America, especially if compared... - read more

Still life paintingNATURE MORTE - 10 GREAT STILL LIFE PAINTINGS - The genre of the Still Life through 10 great paintings, from the antiquity to the contemporary. How we would define a still life? Academically, we could say that a... - read more

10 self-portraitsTHE ARTIST AND THE MIRROR: 10 SELF-PORTRAITS - The genre of the self-portrait was born, of course, in the Renaissance, when the History of Art became the History of Artists. Since then, the self-portraits... - read more

20 great museums20 (AND MORE) MUSEUMS YOU SHOULD KNOW - Which are the best museums of the Western World? While such list is entirely subjective, I have tried to be as objective as I can be, taking in consideration... - read more

Alfred SisleyAFTER THE FLOOD: SISLEY IN PORT-MARLY - When talking about Impressionism, an error is often committed when assigning to this movement a series of painters who nothing or almost nothing had in common with it, while.. - read more

Art TheftsMOST WANTED ART - THE GREATEST ART THEFTS- Considering the spectacular prices paid in recent times for the works by the greatest names of the history of Art, it's not very surprising that these masterworks... - read more

THE 50 MASTERWOKS OF THE HISTORY OF PAINTINGTHE 50 MASTERWOKS OF THE HISTORY OF PAINTING - Whether for symbolic, aesthetic, practical or economic reasons, the truth is that Painting has always been humanity's favourite and most used artistic medium... published October 2006 - read more

Paris landscapesIMPRESSIONIST URBAN LANDSCAPES IN PARIS, 1860-1900  - In the second half of the 19th century, Paris suffered a group of reforms that affected to its interior morphology, with the aim of transform the French... - read more

Goya - the black paintingsGOYA: THE BLACK PAINTINGS - Goya is an enigma. In the whole History of Art few figures are as complex for the study as the brilliant artist born in 1746 in Fuente de Todos, Aragon, Spain. An artist who has... - read more

Gauguin at the tropicsGAUGUIN AT THE TROPICS - In the spring of 1891, an elegant and comfortable slip named "Océanien" crosses the Indian Ocean bound to the French colonies in New Caledonia. Its picturesque passengers... - read more

10 great seascapesFROM TURNER TO DIEBENKORN - 10 GREAT SEASCAPES - The sea and its pictorial representation have been one of the most developed art genres since many centuries ago. From the serene seascapes... - read more

Leonardo da VinciLEONARDO: THE REAL AND THE FAKE - There is no artist more legendary than Leonardo. In the whole History of Art, no other name has created more discussions, debates and studies than the genius born in Vinci... - read more

Hudson River SchoolA TASTE FOR THE LANDSCAPE - HUDSON RIVER SCHOOL - Take a look on this painting: there are two men at the top of the rocks, contemplating a fantastic fluvial valley, studded with rocks, shrubs and water jumps... - read more

Art Market
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Art Market 2014ART MARKET 2014 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2014; its stars, surprises and disappointments. From the $100 million Giacometti to a record-breaker Chinese porcelain, we present our... - read more

Art Market 2013ART MARKET 2013 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2013; its stars, surprises and disappointments. From the record-breaker Bacon to a multimillion Persian carpet, we present our personal review of the... - read more

Art Market 2012ART MARKET 2012 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2012; its stars, surprises and disappointments. Highlighted by Edvard Munch's The Scream, which sold for a record $120 million at Sotheby's... - read more

Art Market 2011ART MARKET 2011 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2011; its stars, surprises and disappointments. Highlighted by Chinese Art, the art auctions season featured several masterworks... - read more

Art Market 2010ART MARKET 2010 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2010; its stars, surprises and disappointments. Highlighted by Picasso and Giacometti, the art auctions season featured several... - read more

Art Market 2009ART MARKET 2009 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2009; its stars, surprises and disappointments. Lead by a superb drawing by Raphael, a colorful Matisse and a famous Warhol... read more

Art Market 2008 reviewART MARKET 2008 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2008, with the stars of the season and the main successes and disappointments, from Bacon, Monet and Malevich to a surprising Egyptian bust... - read more

Most valuable private ArtMOST VALUABLE PRIVATE ART - This list highlights the most valuable paintings still in private hands, divided in three categories (old masters, impressionist & modern, and contemporary) You will find nothing like this in. ... - read more

Saved masterpiecesSAVED MASTERPIECES - UK KEEPS OLD MASTERS PAINTINGS - In recent years, the British Government has adopted some measures to avoid that the most important old masters paintings still in private British collections... - read more

Art Market 2007 reviewART MARKET 2007 REVIEW - A brief review of the Art market for year 2007, with the stars of the season and the main successes and disappointments, from Rothko to the most expensive antiquity ever sold at auction... - read more

Most expensive antiquitiesFRESH MONEY, OLD STONES - MOST EXPENSIVE ANTIQUITIES - The Antiquities market is by far the most intriguing and unknown of the whole Art market world. In fact, in can even be the perfect place for criminals... - read more

Most expensive photographsART MARKET - MOST EXPENSIVE PHOTOGRAPHS EVER SOLD - After the lists featuring the top 10 most expensive paintings and sculptures, now it's time for another Art discipline: Photography... - read more

Most expensive sculpturesART MARKET - MOST EXPENSIVE SCULPTURES EVER SOLD - While working on the top 10 most expensive paintings I noticed that a lot of lists about that subject were displayed in many other websites -though most... - read more

Most expensive paintingsART MARKET - MOST EXPENSIVE PAINTINGS EVER SOLD - There are a lot of lists in Internet talking about "the 10 most expensive paintings ever sold", but, unfortunately, most of those lists are... - read more

10 works for 10 museumsSUGGESTIONS: 10 WORKS FOR 10 MUSEUMS - In the last years -more accurately, in the last decades- the art market has suffered a radical change in its protagonists. The economical recuperation, added to the boom in... - read more

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SkyscrapersSKYSCRAPERS: PRESENT AND FUTURE - Federico García Lorca said that there is nothing more poetic and terrible as the battle between a skyscraper and the sky. In fact, this architectonical typology.. - read more

FAKE ARCHITECTUREARCHITECTURE REVIEW - FAKE ARCHITECTURE - Look at the two pictures on the left: they depict two contemporary, well-known and generally admired three-dimensional artworks. The first of them is a work by... - read more

Spanish new architectureSPANISH NEW ARCHITECTURE - BEYOND THE HYPE - A few weeks ago I read with surprise and happiness about the exhibition about Spanish contemporary architecture that the MOMA will held in the next months... - read more

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DestrictedDESTRICTED FILMS - ART AND PROVOCATION - Art and provocation. A good mixture, isn't it? If you like the idea (and if you already have the legal age to attend these subjects) perhaps you would like to take... - read more

Dario ArgentoMASTER OF GIALLO - DARIO ARGENTO - Since that in 1969 his opera prima "L'uccello dalle piume di cristallo" ("The bird with crystal plumage") with its disturbing mix of thriller , B-series horror, and the... - read more

German expressionism cinemaGERMAN EXPRESSIONIST - FROM CALIGARI TO METROPOLIS - After theWorld War I and until the arising of the Nazism at the beginning of the 1930s, Germany was the birthplace of a new movie style based... - read more

Other Art
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Absent HeritageNOTABLE ABSENTEES AT THE UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST - This article showcases and discusses some notable absentees at the UNESCO World Heritage List, 10 'forgotten' places from 5 continents... - read more

British PunkBEST OF BRITISH PUNK, 1976-1980 - A retrospective look at one of the most thrilling and fascinating musical periods of the last century, the wild and self-destructing British punk of the late 70s... - read more

Bugatti RoyaleBUGATTI ROYALE: MONUMENT TO THE AUTOMOBILE - When the words “Art” and “Classic Car” appear in a same sentence, it’s almost sure that “Bugatti” will be mentioned soon. Since its beginnings... - read more

THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL CARS EVER CREATEDROLLING ART - THE 10 MOST BEAUTIFUL CARS EVER CREATED - What is Art and what is not? At the time of considering a discipline as Art or... - read more

Casrten HöllerCARSTEN HÖLLER: TEST SITE - Talking about emotions, it is evident that a 55,5 meters long, 26,5 meters tall slide (dimensions of the largest of... - read more

New 7 wondersNEW SEVEN WONDERS - THE DECISSION IS YOURS - "Our heritage is our future". With this premise, the "New Seven Wonders Club" has created the first-ever global vote to elect the New Seven Wonders of... - read more



50 masterworks of painting

50 masterworks of - Whether for symbolic, aesthetic, practical or economic reasons, the truth is that Painting has always been humanity's favourite and most used...

Art landscapes

50 great landscape - As one of the oldest and most popular forms of painting, the history of Landscape Painting is fascinating and inspiring. has selected...


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